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    Active X filtering in Internet Explorer 10


      Hi everyone


      Using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, IE10 and Flash 11.9.900.117.


      I've been having problems with Flash Player for a while. Although it was installing OK, it wasn't working and the Adobe help pages indicated it was not installed or not enabled though it was. I tried all the advice on the Adobe site, reinstalling it numerous times, clearing caches and verifying IE security settings, but nothing worked. Eventually I tried disabling Active X filtering, even though that support article states it relates only to IE9, and that sorted it. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and does the support page about ActiveX and IE9 need to be updated to also include IE10?


      Kind regards, Alain

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          Mike M Level 6

          ActiveX filtering applies to ALL versions of IE from 9 up, which now includes 10 and 11. Numerous people have encountered issues with ActiveX filtering.  It's a nearly twenty-year-old technology (developed for Windows 95) that the entire browser world has long ago abandoned, except for Microsoft. ActiveX is a Windows dependent component that applications like Office, Visual Studio and Windows Media Player use to enable hyperlinking and downloads of web content. Basically, IE 9, 10 and 11 are using the same code that IE 2 had in 1996. That's why you're constanly asked if you want to save or run things you download instead of just downloading them. It's one of the primary reasons I refuse to use IE.