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    CS6 Cannot Convert PM Files but CS5.5 Can




      I have just purchased CS6 (I need this version since I have to convert many PageMaker files). I was able to convert some PM files which do not have many graphics, but for those which has several graphics, CS6 cannot convert them. The "Processing Stories" window appeared but became non-responsive and I have to force CS6 to quit with the Task Manager.


      However, If I use CS5.5 (I installed the CS5.5 Trial version before I purchased CS6), I was able to convert ALL PM files without any problems, no matter how many graphics are in the documents.


      Does anyone know why CS6 couldn't convert but CS5.5 can?


      As of now, I have to use CS5.5 to convert the PM files, then export them into IDMLs, then open them in CS6. But my CS5.5 Trial will expire in about 20 days, after that, I don't think I can use it anymore.


      So I would really like to solve the CS6 issues before my CS5.5 Trial expires.


      Any comments/suggestions are much appreciated.


      Thank you.


      PS:  I have emptied the InDesign Recovery folder whenever CS6 crashed.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Converting PM files is always a gamble. I'd suggest you search for all your PM files and convert them, just in case, using CS5.5 in the next 20 days. If in the future you run into another one that CS6 chokes on you can post a request for help here -- quite a few of us maintain multiple versions and will do a single conversion (or even two or three) on a volunteer basis for a fellow user in need.

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            silkphoenix12 Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Yes, that's what I am planning to do. I just thought maybe someone might have the same issues as mine and can shed some light on how to fix it.


            I wish Adobe will let me use the License number for CS6 with CS5.5 also. But I found out that you cannot. I guess that's how Adobe make a profit. Every time you upgrade to a different version, you have to buy another license.


            Thank you.