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    CS6 Photoshop Update Option Does Not Run


      I ran the Update option once, mainly to get the ACR 8.2 version. It looked like all the files downloaded successfully and that the update process started. Then nothing.


      - Clicking Update has no effect. There are absolutely no error messages.

      - Downloading the ACR 8.2 file and trying to run the AdobePatchInstaller.exe file does nothing.

      - Removing the Adobe Application Manager (AAM) Cache accomplished nothing.

      - Trying to run the AAM does nothing.


      A popup message just informed me that there are 9 Adobe updates available and to launch AAM. Which, of course, accomplishes nothing.


      A support person on Live Chat said this is a known issue.


      What I need is a known solution. I'm running Win7 Pro, SP1, 64-bit, 8Gb RAM, GeForce GT 630 Nvidia chipset graphics card.


      Thank you.