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    Multiple Copies of Table of Content

    sascgb99 Level 1
      I'm using RH6 and once I publish the project and upload it to the server I go to view the published project and there are multiple copies of the TOC. I have tried deleteing the .cpd file, I have checked the .hhc file to make sure that it did not have more than 1 copy. But to no avail the results are the same. Please help

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Instead of "publish[ing] the project and upload[ing] it to the server," why can't you simply generate to the local machine and then publish to the server? RH does a fine job of that, and will only publish new or changed files on subsequent generate/publish instances. Wherever the output folder is on the server, I'd empty it completely and then publish a clean output.

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