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    Building a computer for specific editing.

    goido1962 Level 1

      Hello, I work for a television station that is going to switch from FCP7 to Adobe Premiere, my XP computer needs to be updated. The type of files we work are xdcam and out of the P2 Panasonic cameras; I would like to be able to use DSLR Canon files with ease. I do not shot with RED cameras or very hardware demanding files. At work we use Mac laptops in the remote trucks with FCP 7 with very few problems. I have read some of the forums and I have a few questions. Does it matter if the CPU is an I7 3770 or a I7 3770k; I think I read somewhere that the 3770k may not be as good? I was planning in getting a SSD for programms, is a 128 gig enough for Premire, Photoshop, maybe After FX, Lightroom, Painter and a few other programms like Vue? I think that a 850 watts power supply  would be enough, do you guys recommend more power? Do I need liquid cooling? I would be using this computer at home for special series without the usual deadline rush, Do I need my HDS to be RAID? Are 16 GIGS of RAM enough for most projects? I have been told that NVIDIA GT  570 and not superexpensive, is this a good GPU card? Most of my projects are 4 minutes or less per part, series ussually are 3 parts or less. Woud 3 0r 4 TB enough for projects?


      Thanks! My budget is about $ 2000 or 2500 dollars. I know the recommended requirements would cost me less but I need a little room. I also know that people recommend $ 10000 systems that can handle " Life of PI 2" but I don't have that budget.



      Thank you for all your suggestions.