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    Design - qualifications


      Can anyone help me with this?

      How do you create a "list of qualifications" with the "issue date" and 'expiry date" on the same line?

      I can get the date field side by side but not the "list".


      Qualification               Issue date          Expiry date

      Trade License          (date field)             (date field)

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          You could do something like this:

          Qualifications list2.PNG


          I used a formatted text field for the labels and spaces in between words to align with the fields below.  The row has fields with left aligned labels but I didn't enter any labels, instead I made all the labels as narrow as possible to keep the fields close together.  After doing this, in the "View Responses" tab you could rename the column headers corresponding to these fields to have meaningful names like "Qualication 1" and "Issue date 1" etc.


          You also could just use top aligned labels and use text fields for the Qualifications.




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            jcanepa Adobe Employee

            Create a Drop Down Menu item first.  With the Drop Down field selected, click on the little "+" button just to the upper right of the Drop Down field.  When presented with the verticle Add Item widget select Date Field.  Now click on the "+" button next to the Date field and select Date Field again.  This should give you what you are looking for.


            The width of the Drop Down will be determined by the length of the text for the longest choice in your Drop Down menu.  If the text is too wide it will make placing fields side by side impossible.  You have a couple of options in this case.  You can make the page width wider or you can make the text of the Drop Down field smaller (ie, 10 pt vs. 14 pt).


            Hope this helps.



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