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    If I import a .mov file, add effeects, render and then import that file back into ae I cant seem to


      I finally worked out how to do the eyes on my last question but I have to do the eyes one at a time  and got one done and rendered the file.  Then I imported again the rendered file to wrok on it again.

      When I tried to render that file it turned out as a still instead of a .mov. Why?  What settings should I use?


      Or if I track one eye, then go to the next eye and track that it messes up the first tracking and so I can't do both eyes in one render, is there something you can suggest here.  Are the layers in the wronf order?


      I send a screen shot.


      On from there I need to liquify the teeth after this to make fangs and this also requires tracking which again messes upo the previous tracking.  Screenshot 2013-11-10 22.54.40.png