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    Error Received MAC Mavericks with CS5.1... FILE.OPEN will not work


      I was just told CS5.1 is no longer supported by Adobe chat and to use this venu, so here it goes.


      1) Operating System: MAC 10.9 Mavericks


      2) Photoshop Version: 5.1


      3) Problem:


            * FILE>OPEN selection from the dropdown menu in the upper left Task Bar of the Graphical User Interface will not work.


         - Problem Description:


            * Selecting FILE>OPEN presents an error box with the message "Could not complete your request because of a program error."


      4) Trouble Shooting:


         - Fully reinstalled photoshop.


         - Fully updated photoshop.


         - Updated the computers version of Java (Java 7 Update 45).


         - Adjusted the security settings for the operating system.


      5) Misc Information


         - I just purchased this Photoshop and registered with it a week ago.


      What can I do?