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    Can i make reflective spreads?


      THis has bugged me for a long time:  I want to make a facing-page book where certain content is on the "outside;" say, a logo, and certain content is on the inside, closer to the spine, say, a capsule description relating to that logo. I can set up the appropriate master pages, no problem, but i have to override each page's master page item to insert the appropriate content; a new logo appears on every page. Disaster awaits when i inevitably need to insert a page into the middle of my layout, upsetting the left/right layouts of all the pages to follow. Since all the master page items have beene overriden, the items on my page now appear on the wrong side of ther pages.

      IS there a way to set up a document that will allow content to move to the correct side of the page?


      One possible solution exists in the form of a plugin that seems to do what i'm asking - except for one major problem. whenever i insert a new page, my content moves as i want it too, but the master page items "respawn" behind my overriden master page items; the ones i've filled with new content. is there a way to prevent this from happening?