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    Help with an expanding table on a form

    Jim Cuffe

      I currently use a form as a photo log for tracking the image number and a photo description.  The form was created in MS Word.  I would like to create this form using LiveCycle Designer and have tried a few things but nothing works the way I would like it to.  The photo log is a table with two columns and a header row.  The table expands (by using the TAB key) the number of rows commensurate with the number of photos entered.  The columns are for a photo number and a photo description.  I would like to be able to create this in LIveCycle so that it works as easily as the MS word doc does (as far as expanding the rows).  I've checked on this forum and cannot find any help topics or threads that match my specific needs.  can anyone offer some insight as to how to solve the problem?  I thank you in advance for your assistance.



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          jasotastic81 Level 3

          You'll need an "exit" event for the last line in your table. You'll need to check to be sure that it isn't empty, and that it's the last line. Then after you add the line (if necessary) you'l need to set the focus back to the first column in the new line.


          Bonus: You'll probably want to be able to have the code check to see if a line is empty (and not the last line) so that you don't have a bunch of empty lines.


          If you'd like some code help, PM me what you're starting with.

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            Jim Cuffe Level 1

            Thanks for your reply and assistance - much appreciated!  I'm working on another project for the next few days so I'll send something to you by early next week.  There's no rush on this project thankfully, but I'll send you what I have thus far.