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    Flowing text


      I am setting up a bilinguile book.  I need text to flow in all the right columns in English and in all the left columns in Spanish.  Can I set the master page to do this  automatically.  I have been clicking on the links in master pages, but it is not linking.  Which tool do I need to select to get it to link for me?

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Put One Language On Odd Pages and Another Language on Even Pages

            http://indesignsecrets.com/put-one-language-on-odd-pages-and-another-language-on-even-page s.php

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Is this two columns per page? You do that by setting up  two columns in document setup so the master page has two columns on each page, then manually add a text frame to every column on the master page (that should be a total of 4). With the selection tool (Black arrow), clcik the outport box on the lower right edg of the left frame on the left page, then click INSIDE the left frame onthe right page. Do the same for the right column pair.

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              cdpolarbear Level 1

              Your instructions seemed clear and simple, but I must have missed something.  I put in the 4 text boxes in the 4 columns and used the selection tool.  Is the outport box the little red one with the +? When I click on the box with the + in it, I not only get the arrow, but a small black box behind it.   I clicked on the red box and on the text box in the column that I wanted the text to flow into but the text didn't flow.  I did get one column to move to the next page, but I want it to flow.  Any idea what I am doing wrong? 

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Yes, the red plus sign will appear in the outport of a frame with overset text, and when you click on it your cursor will change to one representing a page of text.


                Did you link the frames on the master page, as I instructed (there will be no overset indicators on the master page because the frames should be empty)? If you do that the text will flow and add pages when you autoflow a story onto the document pages. This will happen automatically with Smart Text Reflow enabled in the preferences, or if you hold the Shift key while you click your loaded cursor inside the frame if STR is not enabled. You MUST NOT release the master frame before placing text on the document page, however, or you will lose the connection to the flow you set up and your placed text will flow across all columns.


                I get the sense from your questions that you really don't have much understanding of InDesing and the basics of flowing text or placing content. You might want to spend some time with some training materials -- Sandee Cohen's Visual QuickStart Guide to InDesign is an excellent beginner book and not terribly expensive, and the online training at Lynda.com is also excellent, but not free. You'll also find some tutorials for free on Adobe TV, and at other websites if you google.