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    MouseEnter/MouseLeave Problems With Nested Elements

    neohtom Level 1

      In a previous thread I was having issues with mouseover animated buttons getting stuck when I mouse over/out of them too quickly (see: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5830962#5830962). The solution was to use MouseEnter/MouseLeave instead. However, I am running into another issue, whereby the buttons are getting stuck again and/or acting erratically when moused over too quickly, if the buttons also contain nested content - in this case text. I've included the project files below that illustrate this issue.




      Is there something else I can do with the Javascript code to get around this? I know I can place an invisible shape over top of the button and set that as the trigger, but then it makes the content beneath it un-selectable (such as if a user wanted to copy some of the text). Any ideas?