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    Why has my InDesign CC such a bad performance?

    benjaminio@me.com Level 1

      First of all I want to say, that I am deeply dissapointed with the support of the Adobe Cloud. I pay a monthly fee and all i get is a forum and FAQs? Why cant someone help me directly immediately?


      That said, since InDesign CC the performace dropped significantly. I have a 6 months old top iMac with 32 GB Ram and all other top items. I updated the OS to Macericks. Every single step in InDesign I do is time-shifted by 0,5 to 1 seconds.

      I just widen a text frame, and InDesign acts 0,5 s after i released. That is really poor, since I am working very fast, but the stupid app slows me down. I feel like working on a 10 year old Mac. The problem is, I am not.


      How can I improve the perfromance of InDesign?