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    Receving Value Object from JMS queue

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      I want to receive a Value Object from JMS Queue.  I am able to send Value object to JMS queue successfully using "Send Message to Queue". However, Receive message from Queue is not working as expected and throwing below error:


      2013-11-11 00:22:30,456 ERROR [com.adobe.workflow.AWS] (http- An exception was thrown with name com.adobe.livecycle.jms.exception.JMSReceiverException message:com.TestCustomDataTypes.CustomDataTypes while invoking service JMS and operation receiveMessageFromQueue and no fault routes were found to be configured.


      Class definition:


      public class CustomDataTypes implements java.io.Serializable{

      public String customerId;

          public String customerName;

          public String groupId;


          public String getCustomerName() {

              return customerName;




          public void setCustomerName(String customerName) {

              this.customerName = customerName;




          public String getGroupId() {

              return groupId;




          public void setGroupId(String groupId) {

              this.groupId = groupId;




          public void setCustomerId(String customerId) {

              this.customerId = customerId;



          public String getCustomerId() {

              return customerId;






      Below are the settings used in "Receive Message from Queue" :



      MessagePayLoadType: Serializable

      messagePayLoad: ObjOutput(Datatype: com.TestCustomDataTypes.CustomDataTypes)





      Please find the error screenshot.





      Please suggest how to resolve this.