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    how to automatically create hyperlink destinations based on numbered list?


      I am very new to InDesign and am creating a template for an academic journal. Each article contains a list of references at the end and the references are cited in the main text (like what you see in Wikipedia if you are not familiar with scientfic journal articles). In exported HTML, the citation in the main text should be hyperlinked to the coressponding reference in the reference list. I have two questions:


      1) It is possible to ask paragraphy style to assign each numbered item a hyperlink destination? If this is possible, I can then manually inserted hyperlinks in the main text.


      2) one step further, is there any way (e.g. script) which can then insert hyperlink to those destinations based on pattern match? For example, in main text, the citation to reference #1 appear in the text as [1] which should be hyperlinked to reference #1.


      One more question, is there anyone who knows how academic journals handle the flow from InDesign to html? Certainly, the exported html cannot go directly online without further editing.


      Thank you.