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    php and flash forms

      Hi all,

      I do not know php at all and would appreciate any help I can get. I am trying to recreate a email.cfm page into a php file. The cfm file sends an html email to both the client and their customer formated within their own table with the clients company logo. I have found various tutorials on the web and forums for php email forms however not been able to figure out how to get a html formatted email to be sent to both the client and their customer.

      To make this a little easier I have uploaded a zip file (see below for link) which has the email.cfm file, in the hope that this can be recreated but using php script. To see the current email working using cfm the development site is as follows:

      development site

      As I stated before I would appreciate any help I can get in order to get this email file doing what I need in php.

      Kind regards.
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          Dave.Hollings Level 1
          As far as I am aware I have written some php code to function in a similar fashion to my email.cfm file. After numerous versions and hours spent trying this new php file I still cannot get the emails to be sent and for flash to display the correct message output. I have an alert box which displays a response depending on what the php file sends back to flash, either true (message sent) or false (message did not send).

          I have provided the php code I have written and this has been based on various tutorials and forum posts I have found. I would appreciate any help I receive in getting this script to work correctly.

          Kind regards