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    Help with Premiere Elements 12


      Hi I am really struggling with Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - I used the trial reasonably well, but when I changed to the full version things started going wrong - I removed it off my computer 3 times and redownloaded it, but I can't get it to work - I have used Premiere 3 for years with no problems and if my old computer hadn't died I would still be using it,I upload from a Sony mini dv camcorder through a firwire, I hope I don't have to change my camcorder too. I can see the upload through the little screen at the front - but it won't go to my timeline or save - I have contacted support twice to be told try again later when more technical people are there - I have been struggling for over a week now - getting nowhere - need help

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system are you running your Premiere Elements 12 on?


          What are you specific issues with Premiere Elements 12?


          a. Did you get it to install? And was the install to the default Local Disk C Location?


          b. Slow opening, slow closing?


          c. Editing performance issues. If so, what project preset and what are the properties of your source media?


          Let us start here.


          Definitely keep after the Adobe people since they probably have undocumented as well as documented remedies for the product that they created.


          More later.



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            Bertiesgirl Level 1


            Thanks for replying


            I have just bought a new HP Pro pavilion Core i3 500gb Hard drive win

            pro 7 - I have had a Radeon HD6670 1gb graphics card fitted - also a

            Star tech com 2 port PCI express 1394 Firewire card - 2X 6-pin female


            Before changing my computer - I used premiere elements 3 without any

            problems, but my old computer was 6 years old and kept crashing when

            burning DVD's so I decided to get a new one - and I obviously needed to

            upgrade my software as 3 was very old hat. So I trialed premiere

            elements 12 for a while and managed to use it apart from the fact I

            could not upload on the HDV camera bit it kept saying no HDV camera

            connected - but if I clicked on the DV camera it took it and also

            showed on the timeline and saved as individual clips and not one full

            continuous clip (which now after I have after I bought the full adobe

            12 software it will not load or save my videoing) I use a Sony HDV mini

            dv camcorder HDR-HC9 - When I go into settings it is set on

            PALavchd-fullhd108I25 but then it says no HDV camera connected and no

            DV camcorder connected but if I set it to PAL DV widescreen 48khz - it

            says no HDV camera - but if I add to the DV camera -it shows my

            videoing on the little screen on the front, but not on the back screen

            or on the timeline and it won't save, I couldn't manage to edit my

            videoing when it was in one continuous clip ( I think I may have done

            something - don't know what though as the first time when I was

            trialing it - it was in individual clips and the second time i tried it

            had changed to being in one long clip!!) - I want it to show on the

            timeline and be able to edit each individual clip as I did before


            a) I have removed all the software 3 times and reloaded it - but I just

            keep getting nowhere apart from really stressed out with it all - I

            think it is installed properly - although at one stage it was telling

            me that it was uninstalling the software - but I have a shortcut for

            both Premiere elements and premiere photoshop (not even tried to use

            that yet) and yes it is installed to the default local disk c location

            b) yes to both slow opening and closing

            c) not sure what you are asking me here - unless I have answered it



            I am hoping to get in touch with Adobe again tomorrow after work as

            each time I have contacted them I have been told the people who can

            help me weren't available at the times I  was on line ( it has been too

            early 8am this morning or too late 8pm the other evening) - I tried to

            ring them after 9 last week it took me over 6 minutes pushing buttons

            before I got put in a queue which I had to leave or I would have been

            late for work.


            I am presuming you are nothing to do with Adobe - so I can only say

            thank you very much for attempting to help me - I do appreciate it as I

            have been getting very stressed and frustrated with it all as

            everything takes forever and I don't really have that much time to mess

            with it and I am not very good with reading some of the instructions as

            a lot of it doesn't make sense - I am better when I am shown how to do

            things - so please if you need to tell me things don't be too technical.


            Thanks again for replying and hopefully helping me


            Ronnie (Veronica Orr)

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up with the details of your situation.


              So that you do not lose any time or your rights in any free Adobe help matter, I suggest that you follow up with Adobe tomorrow. It might have undocumented as well as documented information that will quickly resolve the issues.


              Your contact with Adobe does not prohibit us from troubleshooting here.


              The usual drill questions typically start with:

              1. Do you have the latest video card driver version as per the web site of the manufacturer of the video card. Do you have more than one video card setup?

              2. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer

              3. Are you running the program as Run As Administrator or from a User Account with Administrative Privileges


              Also, Premiere Elements 12 takes charge of setting the project preset in the new project dialog. So, the user is not forced to see the new project dialog in versions earlier than 11. You might want to assure the correct HDV project preset by:


              1. Opening Premiere Elements 12, going to File Menu/New/Project and setting for PAL HDV HDV 1080i25. Before leaving the new project dialog, make sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Settings on This Project".


              2. Back in the Premere Elements 12 workspace, Add Media/HDV Camcorder if you are doing HDV data capture into the Premiere Elements 12 Capture Window.

              Are you familiar with the Premiere Elements Capture Firewire details as per the following Adobe document

              http://help.adobe.com/fr_FR/premiereelements/using/WS5CDA0F91-60F1-4b79-ABF6-E9E75F498DB2. html#WS2AF26FB5-4C63-4c46-9DB3-7249558F6528


              Please review and then let us know the outcome. We will be watching for your progress.





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                Bertiesgirl Level 1


                Thanks for replying so quickly again - just not sure of some of the

                questions you say they may ask 1) what is the latest video card driver

                and video card set up - yes I have the latest quicktime and 3 not sure

                of that either - I will try and get hold of them now and see what they

                say and later I will try your suggestions - I will get back to you

                after I have spoken to them


                I feel I am not struggling on my own now - thanks again



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  As users to users we all go down the same Premiere Elements path. You are definitely not alone.


                  All here want to see you succeed.


                  Adobe may address all your questions, including the video card and its driver as part of its troubleshooting scheme. The video card and its driver may not be involved in your case, but they should be ruled in or out as factor.


                  If you go to the Device Manager/Display Adapter, you can see the name of the video card. Also, typically you will see that type of information in the computer's System Information. Once you know the name of your video card and its dating, you can go to the web site of the manufacturer of the card and check for latest version of the video card driver and compare it to what you are using..


                  The drill of video cards has interesting twists and turns. Typically, the user is encouraged to have the latest version of the driver. But, right now there is an issue seemingly specific to Premiere Elements 10 and NVIDIA video card/video card drivers where the fix for now is rolling back the driver.


                  Looking forward to your further developments.





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                    nealeh Level 5

                    Bertiesgirl wrote:


                    I used the trial reasonably well, but when I changed to the full version things started going wrong


                    In theory there should be no difference between the trial and full version other than the watermarking of the video. But as your experience seems to counter that you could try uninstalling your purchased version and reinstalling the trial version you originally downloaded to see if that makes any difference. Just enter the serial number from your purchased version into the trial.


                    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children


                    If this post or another user's post resolves the original issue, please mark the posts as correct and/or helpful accordingly. This helps other users with similar trouble get answers to their questions quicker. Thanks.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Just a suggestion based on my own recent encounter with trying to troubleshoot Premiere Elements 12 Photoshop Elements 12 with a uninstall/reinstall. It may come to that, but I would put that off until after you contact with Adobe. The Adobe representative may suggest that as part of the troubleshooting that you do online with him or her. You want to avoid any unnecessary uninstalls and the potential for leftovers preventing you from reinstalling the product.


                      I am in that situation now with Premiere Elements12 and up to the Revo Professional to look for leftovers that were left behind after the uninstall and are proventing me from reinstalling Premiere Elements 12.


                      Let us see what Adobe comes up with.





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                        Bertiesgirl Level 1

                        Hi again


                        Do you think that could be part of my problem as I have uninstalled it

                        3 times and reinstalled it again.


                        I have had a really unsuccessful evening -trying to sort this with them

                        - I sat down at my computer just after 6pm this evening and I have

                        waited for for different agents to help me - one was about to jump on

                        my computer and check things remotely - but I hit a wrong button and

                        lost him - then it took me ages to get back to the correct department

                        trying to get to the agent that was helping me - he was busy with some

                        one else so at 9pm I was promised a callback - it is now 11.40 and I am

                        still waiting - I really am starting to get angry with it all - I have

                        loads of videos to convert and I can't get to them do you have any

                        suggestions as to where I go from here - I can't find a complaints

                        button anywhere


                        Thanks again for your help - I will waste another evening tomorrow and

                        see how I get on.



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Hold off on any more uninstalls and reinstalls for now. Keep after Adobe.


                          This what I would like you to do.


                          1. Go to Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace. Go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks/

                          Look at the Captured Video and Captured Audio choices there. Where are they directed to on the hard drive? Look to the right of each there. How much free hard drive space is listed for the location where those files are? If you have a pile up of captured files, try and get them off the Local Disc C. Do you have any external hard drive (formatted NTFS, not FAT32) for this purpose?


                          2. Go to Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0/ and look in the Adobe Premiere Elements Previews Files Folder and Media Cache Folder there for piles up. Get rid of them.


                          3. Go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and the Media Cache Database area. Hit the Clean button there is get rid of pile ups of conformed video files.


                          4. In a new Premiere Elements 12 project, go to File Menu/New/Project and set the project present to PAL HDV HDV 1080p25. You want a setting for 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9, not 1920 x 1080 16:9. If you have been selecting the PALavchd-fullhd108I25, that is not right. That would be for the 1920 x 1080 16:9. Now use Add Media/HDV Camcorder and go through your HDV data capture firewire into the Premiere Elements 12 Capture Window.


                          5. If you continue to have problems with the HDV capture and Adobe has not resolved the issues, then we try this. Download and install the free HDV Split and do a HDV data capture firewire into it. This will give you split clips (.m2t) that you can import into Premiere Elements 12 PAL HDV HDV 1080p25 project.



                          Another matter that we need to define, that being, are your issues confined to just the Capture firewire features of the program or do they extend into other video opportunities to file or disc?


                          Please review the above and let us see if we can get your program working for you.


                          Do not give up.





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                            Bertiesgirl Level 1



                            This is beginning to take over my life - last thing last night and now

                            just before I go to work!!


                            1. C:\Users\Veronica\Documents\Adobe\PremiereElements\12.0\    372.8GB


                            2. Everytime I have tried to load bits of videos to try the programme I

                            have then deleted them and I have deleted them all apart from 2 folders

                            in Stop motion capture dated 4th November - I have tried loads of times

                            to delete them and the message I get is Item not found - this is no

                            longer located in address


                            - verify the items location & try again - but I can't find it - if I

                            try again - same message - oddly enough I paid for the full version of

                            adobe 12 on the 3rd November and I would probably have downloaded it

                            either that day or on the 4th!!


                            3. Done


                            4. I have been selecting PAL HDV HDV 1080p25 - When I add HDV camera it

                            says No HDV camera detected please check your HDV camera is connected

                            and turned on - (but if I click on DV camcorder it will show in the

                            little window at the front - but not on the back screen and it won't


                            My camcorder is set to HDV 16:9 (other options are Auto or DV - iLink

                            conv on HDV>DV (other option is off)


                            I will try the other points after I hopefully have got some help from

                            Adobe this evening, when I have syced myself up to have another go -

                            can I ask how do you contact them?- as I have been clicking on chat to

                            an advisor through the Adobeshop Elements button as I can't find a chat

                            button for Premiere Elements and it takes ages for them to transfer



                            This may be a stupid question - but if I had bought Adobe 12 as a disc

                            from a retailer - would I be having the same problems with it now that

                            I have downloaded it instead. ( I was going to buy it as a disc as I

                            have before but it was on offer as a download - now I am regretting my



                            Thanks again for your help

                            Speak to you again later


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                              Bertiesgirl Level 1

                              Hi again


                              One thing I forgot to ask was - is it OK for me to let them jump on my

                              computer - my instinct is to say no - how secure is it for me to let

                              them on - I want it sorting - but not if it causes me problems


                              Please advise your thoughts



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Just starting my day.


                                As for post 11. Either way, online download purchase or purchase of boxed to get disc, same possibilities for good and not so good. In my case, the tryouts of Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 gave no indications of problems, but I have had and still have major problems with version 12 on my computers. And, I intensionally purchased the boxed with discs.


                                The important thing to remember in troubleshooting is to keep an open mind in the search for the whys and how to fix. Let the details direct you.


                                If you have 372 GB of preview files specially in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder in the 12 Folder in Documents, delete those preview files. The worst case scenario is that you may have to render some Timelines in some of your projects. Every time you render a Timeline there are preview files generated (DV AVI SD project and MPEG2.mpg HD projects).


                                As for the Media Cache Folder in the same location, delete those files in that folder. The program will automatically generate new conformed audio files when needed.


                                As for conformed movie deletion, see Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and the Clean Button in the Media Cache Database section at that location. These conformed video files will also be automatically generated when needed.


                                Regarding Adobe and its Remote Troubleshooting...

                                Whether you do the troubleshooting yourself or have them do it remotely, there is always the possibility that in doing so unwanted changes will occur. On the plus side for Adobe is that it would be in a better position to back track on its troubleshooting and try something else as they correct the unwanted change.


                                Today try to see how far you can get with troubleshoot assist from Adobe.

                                Try the HDV Split. Many have had to resort to that your their HDV data capture firewire into Premiere Elements. Many not. This has been true going back to versions earlier than the current one.


                                Wishing you a good days with resoltuion of the issues.


                                We will be watching for further developments.





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                                  Bertiesgirl Level 1



                                  I had some success last night with Adobe - he jumped on my computer -

                                  and showed me where I was going wrong - still not convinced that it is

                                  the correct way as I still had some issues at the end of it !


                                  He said that if I paused the capture button - it would save to the

                                  timeline and it did - so I had to choose when I wanted to pause the

                                  capture and then save it - but I did that a few times and then let it

                                  run for the next 10 minutes or so saving every so long as I norrmaly

                                  would - l when I had as much as I needed - I checked my folders - the

                                  bits I had paused were there but the bit I had let run and just saved

                                  were not!! I then went back to the point I had stopped pausing and

                                  added it all again, saving as I went along - didn't do anymore editing

                                  to it - I then rendered it  - then  burnt to disc - so at least I got

                                  that far - but the quality of the DVD was nothing like it was before -

                                  I think that is because I still can't get it to recognise my camcorder.

                                  He went away saying he wanted to research something - didn't say what

                                  and promised he would ring me back in 30minutes - but lo and behold he

                                  didn't - he can't seem to answer why on the trial it saved to the

                                  timeline and split and numbered the clips (and why can I see the tick

                                  boxes for these now sometimes) but then I can't find them next time I

                                  try to.


                                  Got to go to work now Just giving you an update tried to download the

                                  hdv split earlier - but didn't seem to do anything - do I need to do

                                  something else


                                  Sprak again soon


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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Sounds like progress. Good follow up with Adobe.


                                    We will be watching for further developments.





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                                      Bertiesgirl Level 1


                                      just to bring you up to date with what has been happening over the last

                                      week, I had been getting nowhere with Adobe - so in the end I wrote

                                      complaining about the service I had been getting - but in the meantime

                                      - I got talking to the people I had bought my new computer off - they

                                      started trying to help me with the problems and today they rang Sony re

                                      my camcorder - to be told that my Sony is not compatible with Windows 7

                                      - my new computer - which also then was not compatible with Adobe 12.

                                      So be fair to the computer people they are refunding the money for my

                                      new computer - because I was only upgrading because I thought my old

                                      computer was past it and kept  crashing (they are now going to sort it

                                      out) I am also hoping to get a refund from Adobe and I will go back to

                                      using Adobe 3 (which to be honest I am quite happy about as it is so

                                      easy to use)


                                      So thanks again for all your help and advice last week



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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Sounds like major progress in spite of the disappointing twist and turns of events which were no fault of your own.


                                        But, Adobe is strict with its money back returns...within 30 days of purchase. So, please look into that immediately if you have any hope of money back return.


                                        Wishing you success with whatever your alternative video editing decisions are.


                                        Thanks for the update.



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                                          I was trying different things and I went to tools to narration. I removed the mute audio before recording, then deleted the narration I previously did and then pressed undo, to bring it back and my audio returned on my video. Very strange but it worked. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to try to help me with this situation.I really appreciate it.

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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            Thanks for the update.


                                            Later today I am going to try to get narration to cause the rest of the audio to fail. If I can, I will try what you said worked for you, that is,


                                            I removed the mute audio before recording, then deleted the narration I previously did and then pressed undo, to bring it back and my audio returned on my video.


                                            If this works, it may be the answer to this type of situation, and it will be a major contribution to the Premiere Elements community.


                                            Congratulation on your success. Great job.


                                            Best wishes to your daughter, her cousin, and you.