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    time limitation of the questionnaire

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      Dear Helpdesk!

      I'm a satisfied Forms Central user since Aug. 2013. I created and used few questionnaires, and now I’m creating a new one. Now I have a problem. I would like to use this questionnaire as a test and I should use a time limitation. I mean when the responder open the Link which shows him/her the questionnaire, it would be nice a timer which shows him/her the remaining time of the filling of the questionnaire. If a responder run out his/her time limitation the questionnaire will closed for him/her. Can I set this function somehow in Forms Central?

      Thanks in advance for your answer. VBRGDS: Zoltán Gábriel (gzz@mail.datanet.hu)

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          FormsCentral does not have any support for this type of a timer. 


          I think you could accomplish this by embedding the FormsCentral form into your own web site into a page where you implement a countdown timer.  There is "Embed code" on the Distribute tab of the form to use for embedding into your own web page.