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    Converting existing HTML files into robohelp

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      Previously, our organisation used Eclipse for creating online help for eclipse based application.

      Now we wanted to use the same html files in Robohelp (without disturbing the structure of html files arranged in the folder) to build eclipse help and pdf.

      While starting Robohelp and creating new project, it is not accepting the folder location with the exisiting html files.. It specifies it needs an empty folder. If I add a new folder, then it creates another copy of the html files in the repository.

      We need only one copy of html files in the repository..


      Also wanted to know the files which can be deleted from the workspace, once the output (online help, PDF) is generated for avoiding space in the repository.


      thanks in advance,


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Nalini.


          I am not sure what you are doing here and if others are equally confused, this could be why no one has responded to date.


          If you import HTML files into RoboHelp, you normally go to the root directory inside the project. You can create folders in your project and move files around between them. The Topic List pod is particularly useful for that. Could you not do this to mirror the folder structure you had before?


          I am also unclear why you need to have two versions of the HTML files.


          If I am way off target, please forgive (and correct) me.