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    Adobe Photoshop CC lags on Macbook Pro when moving layer content around

    Roni Laukkarinen Level 1



      We just bought new Macbook Pro laptops last Friday and also got Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. Everything works pretty fine, except moving layer content eg. images or fonts around is a bit behind, slow/laggy, without any apparent reason.


      This happens despite external screen connected or not. It also happens with or without power adapter connected. We have brand new Mac OS Mavericks and 16GB RAM so performance should not be a problem.


      I hope you can help out, we are a digital agency and do a lot of graphical work. Thanks in advance.


      Some information (translated from Finnish system info):


      Model name:          MacBook Pro

      Model:          MacBookPro11,1

      Processor:          Intel Core i5

      Processor speed:          2,4 GHz

      Processor amount:          1

      Core amount:          2

      L2-memory per core:          256 kt

      L3-memory:          3 Mt

      RAM:          16 GB




      Intel Iris:


        Chip model: Intel Iris

        Type:          GPU


        VRAM (total):          1024 Mt

        Intel (0x8086)






        2560 x 1600

        Retina:          Yes

        32-bit color (ARGB8888)

        Mirroring: Off

        Online:          Yes

        Internal:          Yes


      Acer V243PWL:

        1920 x 1200 @ 59 Hz

        32-bit color (ARGB8888)