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    loading more than one swf

      Dear flashesrs 

      I am working on a little project and I am running out ideas on how to do it. (I have basic knowledge of how AS works) I am creating this page that will display a list of NEWS (stories). These stories will be LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL and SPORTS. The list will display a “box” containing a little picture related to the story and a title. Also a link to the FULL text and see video are present in this box.
      What I am trying to do is to have this list loading all these stories (LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, and SPORTS) in the same window. But also I want to give the user the option to click on LOCAL and get the LOCAL stories only loaded in the list. I am using AS 2.0 since 3.0 is too new for me. I appressiate your advise on how to achieve this. Thank you.