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    Fireworks CC has started to crash - 'Internal error has occured'

    MDraper Level 1

      Dear all


      Our Fireworks CC has worked fine since installing in June of this year.


      Last week we've started to get crashed whilst working in Fireworks saying:


      'An internal error has occured

      An internal error has occured'


      This is usually followed by:


      'Unable to save file as it is locked'.


      We have added or installed nothing (except updates to CC Desktop) since the time Fireworks was working and has now started to crash.


      We are working on Window 7 Pro, the PC has 16gb of RAM and we are doing nothing that could be described as labour intensive.


      I have seen this error posted all over the web with contradictory advice as to how (or if) it can be resolved.


      Can someone at Adobe definitive help with this as it is making it difficult to work in Fireworks - which we unfortunately reply upon.


      Many thanks