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    Is it possible to split a large project, but retain a shared output folder, TOC, etc.?


      We currently have a 2,200 topic RoboHelp HTML 10.0 project and are looking for a solution whereby multiple writers can work on it at one time. Because the topic IDs change frequently, any solution with a file sharing software (we tried Tortoise SVN) is not usable at this time.


      One thought we had was that we could split the project into separate projects and then publish the output to a shared location, thereby creating one WebHelp output that we could post. It must be a WebHelp output that we can post on the Internet.  We would like a shared TOC, Search and Index if possible so that to the user, it just appears that they are using one help system.


      I am finding it difficult to sift through all of the information in the forum and Adobe website to find a specific way to do this. We want to stay with RoboHelp as our help authoring tool.  What suggestions would you recommend?