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    Using LCDS and HTML5 Websockets for Consumers and Producers


      I've been following the examples from here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/LiveCycleDataServicesES/4.6/Developing/WS74a1cc3271d4c9821a4a3 ad3132cc2454ba-8000.html


      I can't seem to get my consumers and producers to communicate.  I've set up the correct messaging destinations and wrote my own sample code almost exactly like the example provided, yet I cannot get messages to send or receive.


      Are there any more examples of how to make this work?


      EDIT: To add more detail to this.  We experimented using the sample application "TraderDesktop" and found that even in the sample the websockets would fail and fall back to amf-polling.  After trying to implement a variety of other channel types (which are set up by default in the sample applications) it's clear that something is either broken or we aren't implementing it wrong.  Every single channel type we attempt to use, other than amf-polling, fails. 


      Note: We tried using the sample applications *exactly* as they are packaged and they were not working.  We even made some suggested modifcations to the configuration files and it's still not working.