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    Export .mts and .mov footage to Mpeg4 before editing?

    Sheree Bandukwala

      I finished audio-syncing and exporting all my video files (.h264 -- .mts and .mov to mpeg4) in Premiere Pro. Now I am ready to ingest all into Prelude for logging and making subclips.  My question is--I have a lot of b-roll footage that does not require audio-syncing, but should I export this b-roll footage into mpeg4 files to match the rest of the footage before importing into Premiere Pro for editing??


      Just a note: Adobe needs to seriously address the audio-syncing issue in Prelude if they want filmmakers to take an interest in using Prelude. It is a tedious, time consuming ordeal to import into Premiere and then back again to Prelude.


      Thanks, guys!