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    Android Sound


      Hi, hope some one can help me. I have troubles with audio on Android. I´m using Buzz.js and works fine on browsers and iOS devices. But when I run my app from Eclipse I get this error:


      11-10 13:47:29.897: E/MediaPlayer(13864): error (1, -2147483648)



      I changed the audio format because I had .mp3 and .wav now I´m using .ogg but nothing changes. Maybe I need to change the Buzz.js and use other implementation method.


      Does any one knows something about it?





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          gcgCui Level 1



          I tried today with EdgeCommons.js and Sound.js (from create.js). But still not working on Android, the Eclipse does not show the MediaPlayer error but all is in silence. At the browsers those methods work perfect, I tried with ogg and mp3 too.


          So... I´m starting to think that the problem is the Adobe Edge working with the PhoneGap. And I will not be able to  release my app on Android .



          Some one with the same problem??





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            TimJaramillo Level 4

            Hi Gabriel,


            Many mobile devices require sound to be initiated on user input. Do your sounds play on user touch?


            In my last few projects, I've used jPlayer with good success across all devices.




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              gcgCui Level 1

              Thanks so much Tim. I´m gonna try this today and hope it works. About the user touch I have both, voices, music and some fx on autoplay and others triggered by touch. With buzz.js all works on iOS.


              I will tell you if jplayer works. And again thank you so much!!



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                TimJaramillo Level 4

                Best of luck Gabriel!


                By the way, SoundJS and jPlayer both have pretty good test sites- so you can figure out if your code is the problem, or if the player is the problem. Simply go to these URL's with your Android devices, and see if you're getting audio:






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                  gcgCui Level 1

                  Thanks so much Tim really I could do it . Finally I read all the documentation you gave me and decided to create a new eclipse project and try everything again with some ideas I saw in your links. Now I have it working using de media plugin. I think the problem was the configuration of the old project, I don´t known maybe it´s just magic  xD.



                  Now I´m dealing with the preload but the Cordova LowLatency plugin does not work, perhaps beacuse the Edge Animate implementation method. I´m preloading the files on the init function, don´t known but... It sounds .



                  I wanna finish it in all platforms and create a good totorial because the project it´s a interactive book with games and a lot of scenes and it will help to people looking for complex projects on edge for mobile devices.



                  Thanks again Tim I will let you known when it works on Android