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    Importing from After Effects to Flash for small ads

    swhinck Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have not been much of a Flash user for years now.

      I have recently started working with After Effects and enjoy it.


      I would like to create some animated ad banners in Ae and would like to create SWF files in the end.

      I read somewhere the best way to do so is to export from Ae and import into Fl in order to export the final SWF file(s).



      I have created a test animation which, when exported as FLV from Ae, weighs 100Kb.

      When I open this FLV in Flash and export as an SWF, the resulting SWF weighs 338Kb...


      I am obviously doing something wrong here.


      Does anyone here have experience working between these two apps with the goal of having a very light weight animation in the end?