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    after effects 11.03 update - memory crash


      Is anyone else having issues.



      When I updated to 11.03 it totally locked me out of my project.


      it's a pretty heavy project, 4k red files, keyed and comped into a 2k 23.976 workspace with lots of CGI layers, fx, etc. but even on isolated layers it's crashing. I'm running everything off a fast raid and my mac pro has 2x 3ghz quad core (early 2008) 10.8.5. 32 Gigs of memory with Nvidia GTX 680.


      I keep getting memory errors as soon as I open. First the spinning beachball for about 2 min then when it stops - Keylight was out of memory, smoooth screen was out of memory, then general after effects didn't have enough memory. Won't let me see anything in the comp window.



      This project opened fine witht he last update, but now it is completely shutting me out.

      Tried resetting prefs, turning on/off multi processing, rebooting and nothing si working.


      Very frustrating. Any thoughts here?