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    Double-clicking PDF file on Mac fails to load PDF


      Using Mac, OS X Mavericks (but the problem has persisted though three versions of OS X and has continued in Mavericks: It is NOT new in Mavericks).


      If Acrobat Pro is already running, double-clicking a file displays an error: The document "xxx.pdf" could not be opened. Acrobat cannot open files in the "Adobe PDF document" format. Clearly, Acrobat CAN open these documents. If Acrobat Pro is not already running, double-click xxx.pdf opens in Acrobat just fine. This has been the cast through three operating systems, and two versions of Acrobat pro. What is up?


      This happens with all PDF files, which all open correctly if Acrobat is not currently running. THe files are not invalid, the file association in OS X is valid, everything works FINE if Acrobat is not already running with a PDF file open when I double-click a PDF file. Since there are a zillion questions about this online, I have to believe it's a continuing problem. It has been a problem for me for several years.


      Any thoughts? -- Ken