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    ID CS5: How to change the order of a list of figures?


      Hey community!


      I'd like to create a list of figures but I have trouble with the order of the list:



      I create the list like a table of contents, consisting of the captions below the pictures. So when I have  caption saying: "picture1: Blablabla." I will have exactly the same text in the list of figures.


      Now I have my pictures numbered in lines, but InDesign lists them in columns. So pictures on the left will be listed before pictures on the right even if they have a higher number in the list.


      See here:




      So that is what my list of figures looks like:




      That is definitely not the right order! I'd like to have them listed in liness or listed by their number instead. I've tried it with alphabetical listing but it didn't work either, as Indesign wouldn't take the number of the picture (which is being created automatically) into account when creating the alphabetical order:




      Any suggestions how to make this work?