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    ID CS5: How to include additional text into a table of contents and how to hide text from it?


      I have the following problem:


      1. I'd like to include additional Information in my table of contents which I don't want to appear in the text I refer to.


      Example: I do have a picture with a caption saying:


      picture 1: Blablabla.


      And I want to have the source of the picture as additional information in the table of contents:


      picture 1........Blablabla (source: thisandthat)........23


      Still I don't want this additional content to disappear, as soon as I update the table of contents!


      How can I achieve that?



      2. And how can I have this the other way round?


      Let's say I want the source in the caption, but not in the table of contents.


      So the caption says:


      picture1: Blablabla (source: thisandthat)


      but the table of content says:


      picture 1........Blablabla.....................23


      I was trying to achieve this by two different praograph styles in the caption. One which would be listed, and one which wouldn't be listed, but this of course resulted in always having two paragraphs in the caption, which I'd like to avoid:


      picture1: Blablabla

      (source: thisandthat)


      Any solution to this?


      Best Regards,

      Rainer Schwachsinn