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    CS6 Does not open file due to program error


      I have been using CS6 for quite sometime with no much issues at all. All the sudden, today, without any changes being made in my computer (iMAC IOS 10.9) the software stopped opening files when I went FILE/OPEN and selecting the file to open (jpg).

      CS6 opens "finder" and then quickly the finder window dissapears (so no time to make any selection,,this is not related to a type of file since...I can never get to even select one..) and the message "Could not complete your request because of a program error". The only option is to click OK and that is it....


      I now need to go and open finder  and then navigate through to the file and the right click and choose Open with CS6 (anf the file opens)....



      Any ideas about this? like I said..nothing has been done (except the lates PS update a couple of days ago ver. 13.0






      Alex Viademonte