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    Reasons why Ps would Freeze?

    Kar209 Level 1



      I have Illustrator, the Bridge and Photoshop downloaded to my laptop.


      suddenly Ps has stopped working ... ie; freezing ... tools don't work, can't open a new file and can't close down.


      every time i open Ps it takes forever and then i end up having to do a Forced Shutdown on my laptop.


      however, Illustrator and the Bridge both are working fine.


      any ideas?


      should i uninstall and then reinstall? and should i do so will i loose all of my brushes, Custom Shapes etc? & need to reinstall them?


      any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          When ever Photoshop starts acting up the first thing to do is to reset your userID Photoshop Preferences.....

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            Kar209 Level 1

            okay, but i cannot get Ps to do anything. i open it and it takes a very long time to open.


            then, i try to click on File but it will just freeze.


            i have Ps on my newer laptop do you think i can change the userID via my newer laptop and have it help Ps on my older one?


            oh, and by userID do you mean the email address and password i use to login with?


            thank you!!

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              boo radley 2013 Level 3

              don't want to alarm you, but last time that sort of thing hppened to me, my hard drive was failing. It eventually crashed completely, but I was lucky enough to backup most of it before it happened. Not to say this is the case. But keep it in mind.

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                Kar209 Level 1

                thank you!! i have most everything backed up but i have an external drive i can back up to and i'll do that 1st thing tomorrow.


                i am afraid you may be right.


                i had to use Force Shutdown many many times.


                then i got a black screen and got this message: Internal hard drive not found. To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive.


                i used Google and found this fix: unplug everything > remove the battery > remove the hard drive > use can of air to clean both the drive and the "seat" and then replace the drive > then replace the battery


                well, at least the OS came back but i am still stuck w/a very useless Photoshop.


                i uninstalled Blender, Inkscape, Adobe Type Kit and other things. left only what i need the most. then i ran Scan Disc, defrag and used Norton scans.


                but the laptop is from 2009 so it's probably in all reality a 2008


                can i buy a new hard drive? or do you think i should just get a new laptop? actually, i have a new one but wanted to move all my stuff from the old to the new and do a factory default and then give it to my brother. eeeeerg!


                what are your thoughts?

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                  Kar209 Level 1

                  PS JJ ...


                  i cannot find userID under Preferences ... i looked at it on my newer laptop

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                    Kar209 Level 1

                    Hey boo radley...


                    Sorry for taking so long to get back but indeed you were 100% right. My computer died. I sent it to the hospital. It was supposed to be a short stay.


                    weeks later... it was decided not to be worth saving. The graphics card which was intergrated with the motherboard stopped working and the hard drive totally failed. but, on a good note ... i was able to move all my filed to dropbox before it went to the hospital to die ...


                    and ... i owe that all to you boo!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! if you hadn't warned me i would have a dead computer with no way to get to files and a graphics pack that i've been making for over a year!! I OWE YOU !!


                    i finally got a new lap top last week and so i just had a chance to return here.


                    Thanx again and thank you to JJ as well