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    Continuous "Sign In Failed" Message


      I am running PS CC on Win 7 Pro, 64-bit and am 4 months into a one-year subscription.  Ever since I started usiing  the CC version (was using CS4 Web Premium), I have intermittently gotten weird startup messages like "You have 0 days left on your trial (?) version", "You have only 65535 days left on your trial version", "You need to register/activate your trial version" and "This Adobe ID has already been used to activate the software on two other computers".


      Earlier today, I ran the Abobe Cloud app on my PC and updated the software (Abobe Cloud only, not PS CC).  Ever since then, I get a continuous "This Adobe ID..." message -- I can't get into PS CC at all.  And, by the way, the "two other computers" part is completely bogus -- I have activated it on one computer only.


      I'm afraid to uninstall/re-install PS CC for fear I'll be put back into "trial status" and be told I have to pay again for a new subscription!!


      Note:  I live in an extremely rural area, up in  the mountains with not exactly the fastest internet service (total bandwidth for the entire community is 20 M-bit), which may be giving the Adobe software indigestion, I don't know...


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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          Pragya Kandari Adobe Employee

          Please launch Adobe Creative Cloud and Sign out from it. Then Realuch it and enter your adobe id credentials.


          Let us know if you need any further details.



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            StargateCOlorado Level 1



            Neither signing out nor choosing "deactivate all computers" had any effect --  I still got the Sign In Failure message.


            After a two-hour chat with Adobe Level 2 Support, it was determined that there were corrupted files in Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache.  Once I deleted the files in SLCache and let PS CC rebuild them, the problem went away.  No telling how they got corrupted.


            As I mentioned to the level 2 support guy (who did an excellent job, by the way), there appears to be no method to see what computers Adobe thinks contain the activated software.  In my opinion, that is a bad design and that opinion is based on over 40 years of software development experience.  I notice you are listed as staff; if you have a method to communicate this back to Development, I believe that capability should be added.


            Regardless, thanks for your feedback.  The issue is solved as far as I'm concerned.



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              Pragya Kandari Adobe Employee

              Thank you for your feedback StargateCOlorade.


              I will surely, pass on your suggestion to the Dev team.