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    Robohelp 10 Multi Screen Desktop output Search Results not coming up in IE8





      We are using Mutli Screen Desktop layout in Robohelp 10 project. While I understand that the output is not fully compatible with IE8, but in this case I am facing a show stopper issue that search results do not come up. They are coming fine in IE 9, 10 and other browsers. I also tried enabling the Active X/Java script settings in browser but it did not help. Can you please help?



      Also, when the Mutli Screen Desktop help page is called from external HTML with the below syntax

      <a href="Multiscreen_HTML5\index.htm?rhcsh=1&rhnewwnd=1&rhmapno=21">

      the help page opens up in a small window with TOC left pane collapsed. We can then maximize it ofcourse. But we require opening it in full window mode with TOC left pane shown by default to user.

      Is there a solution to open it in max window size with left pane enabled?


      Will appreciate your insight and help on above questions. thanks in advance.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For search results, first open the console by pressing F12. Then open the help and try searching. What errors warnings do you receive? Depending on the error, this may be fixable or not.


          As for the CSH call, this is two problems:

          1. For maximized view, create a window in RoboHelp and add the window call in call of the help. (see wvanweelden.eu/articles/context-sensitivity-multiscreen-html5 for details on the call.)

          2. For showing the sidebar, you must edit the 'show in CSH' property in the Layout editor. Select the widget and open the properties. Then make sure to change the CSH property and generate your output anew. If you like, I can whip up some images of this procedure later this week. Let me know if you would like a step by step guide.