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    Masking a picture in picture format


      Is there some function that would allow me to modify ( or mask ) the size and format of PIP inserts?


      My vids are music movies of me playing various parts of a song... Ex, guitar - lead, rhythm, maybe vocals.   So I record the song in a DAW program, render it.  While playing each part, I also video it.


      Next I start up Elements, add the rendered music clip. Then the PIP each of the various playing or vocal clips. 


      These are always Sq. Or rectangle formats.


      Wondering if there is some edit function that would let me either change or somehow project my clips through some format mask.  Ex. A star patterns, or a circle etc.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You might be able to do it with a series of Track Mattes -- but it's such a complicated process, I wouldn't even attempt it if I didn't have an advanced understanding of Track Mattes.


          Do you know Track Mattes well?


          Even then, it may not be possible since you're combining a Track Matte with a PiP.


          I'd say it's probably not possible (or very very difficult) in Premiere Elements.

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            garyo123 Level 1

            First, thanks for responding to my question.


            Not heard of Track Mattes, but ... have now taken a look, and it might be useful.  Have to play around with it some.


            Guess what I envision is

            1 have a Background that covers entire aspect size

            2 create some kind of a formatted mask (?) ... say a starburst that is also same size as background, with of course the star in the middle.

            3 run my vid clip behind this mask, and let the background show through the "outer " part of the mask.


            Think... this should then show my vid clip as a star shape against the background.


            Thereby, kind of eliminating the normal hard edged of my vid clip.


            4 if I then render this.  I should be able to the reuse it, as a PIP clip with any additional rendered clips and place them over the same background clip.


            Anyway, will be fun to try.... And again, thanks for your help and suggestion.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I am with Steve G. on using a Track Matte Key for your PiP's.


              This article goes into some of the mechanics of Track Matte Keying, though in its case, the application is for use on a Duplicate Clip, with certain Effects added, such as Blur, to appear in only one part of the original Video. You will be working with separate Video (your PiP), so some interpolation of the steps in the article will be needed - still, the mechanics will be the same: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1765005#1765005


              There used to be two great tutorials on doing almost exactly what you want to accomplish, but unfortunately, the person who was hosting those on his Web site, removed them, and closed the Web site. I am sure that similar exist, but so far, I have not found them. If others have links to such tutorials, I hope that they post them for you.


              If you have Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, then you can easily create your Track Mattes there, using Shapes (Photoshop already has a Star, and PsE probably does too). You can Import the Track Matte into PrE, then add a bit of Blur to the Matte, to get soft edges. I like doing the Blur in PrE, as it's easy to adjust the amount, as needed. If one adds the Blur in Ps, or PsE, then it would need to go back to that program, for adjustment, and it will not be quite so easy to see the immediate results of the adjustment.


              Good luck, and if you get stuck, or have additional questions on using the Track Matte Keying, please do not hesitate to post those to this thread.



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                garyo123 Level 1

                Turns out I was overthinking this I guess.    Ended up be SIMPLE  ( least for what I wanted to do)  For some reason i thought i needed my "background" image first, then all my other clips  (PIP) layed on top of that...... and then figure out a way to get the cutouts working...........


                Had the whole thing reversed.


                I just set up my "main video" formated with where I wanted my various PIP to be located.


                Then using a photo editor,  I created a Mast with the image i wanted to use as a background,  then cutout ares where my PIP were located,   Greee Keyed those areas.  and it worked perfect.


                Again..thanks for the responses...... but..guess I was making this way to hard.  Got it done, though in the end.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Great news!


                  Glad that you got things sorted, and that you also posted your workflow. I had not thought of Keying, without the Track Matte, so I picked up another way to accomplish what you want - thanks for that.



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                    garyo123 Level 1

                    You'r welcome.  Glad I actually contributed something. Lol. Lol.


                    Guess as I said, I was overthinking my situation.


                    But the Track Mattes thing might of worked,.....and...was not a technic I even knew existed.  Assuming I even saw it while reading stuff, probably went right by it not knowing what it meant.


                    So, nice to learn something new that maybe I can make use of.