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    Please Help... Photoshop Misbehaving?


      Hi guys, I've been a photoshop user for years and have never encountered anything like this in the past.


      I was running PS CS6 with no problems for months. Suddenly without any change to the computer that I am aware of, PS will not Open or Create New files. If I try to open or create a new file, the appropriate dialogue opens, but then nothing happens when I accept. No error, no file.


      PS will work normally after a fresh reboot for a short random period of time (30mins?) and then will start acting funny again.


      If I boot fresh, open a file, hang out for a while (leaving the file open), and then go back to photoshop to continue working, something else strange happens....

      If I start drawing a line, after a few moments of continuous drawing, my line will stop, then as soon as I let go of the mouse button, the entire stroke will dissapear as if someone had hit CTRL+Z. At this time, actually hitting CTRL+Z will not bring back the lost stroke. Also, upon closing the document after attempting to edit it, photoshop will not prompt me to save my changes.


      I've deleted my PS prefs on startup and also downgraded to Photoshop CS2.


      CS2 seems to open and create files on command, however the same problem with not being able to draw persists.


      I've scoured the net for solutions... some suggest a problem with default networked printers. I've removed all printers from my OS and hardware. Please help me...