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    Data merge and relative image paths

    Bernie X Level 1

      I am designing some product labels that are serialized, some with images and some without. 


      For a little while, I was trying to remember the syntax for referencing a relative path (e.g., \logos\somelogo.ai).  I came to the forums and saw the consensus thus far was to use a full path (e.g., c:\users\projects\someproject\assets\logos\somelogo.ai).


      Well, after a lil' bit of trial and error, I have the syntax working again for Windows environments.  This is simply based on DOS dot notation.


      Basically, the two commands are as follows:


      To go up one folder (go to a parent folder), use ..\

      To go inside a folder (go to a sub folder), use \ 


      As an example, mydata.csv, my data source, is in a folder called assets.  somelogo.ai is in a sub folder, under assets, called logos.  In mydata.csv, I can reference or call some logo.ai, using the relative path \logos\somelogo.ai 


      If I want to reference or call the image somepsd.psd that for whatever reason is above the assets folder, I can use the relative path ..\somepsd.psd 


      Lastly, lets say that I have another folder, new folder, on the same level of the assets folder, which has somejpg.jpg that I want to include in the data merge. 


      To reference or call somejpg.jpg, I can use the following relative path, starting from within assets  ..\new folder\somejpg.jpg


      The line above tells InDesign to hop out of the assets folder and go into new folder to find somejpg.jpg. 


      Any comments and/or questions are welcomed.  To any Mac savant that knows how to the same for Apple OS, please share your insight.