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    Adobe Indesign plugin to integrate on third party website


      Is there any plugin or something to integrate Adobe Indesign on your website so that it may be used on web browser from different locations? Actually I'm developing a website and the client wants Adobe Indesign to be integrated on his website so that his few clients may work on Indesign from multiple locations. He will purchase liscensed version but I was thinking is there really any plugin or something to do this? Does Adobe provide any developer plugin for this type of integration? Please clarify. Thanks a lot in advance.


      More clarification. Let me clarify it further. I am a web developer and I am working on a website. My client wants to use Indesign online means we will integrate it on his website and then he can login to use it on his browser. So in simple words it means Indesign will be used as an online application instead of offline. Many companies provide APIs to let developers to integrate theirs tools/softwares on developers websites. For example Microsoft translate. You can use it on their website or it can be integrated on your website through APIs provided by Microsoft. So I was thinking does Adobe provide any kind of APIs or plugins with this software so that it may be used online after integration? I hope I made it more clear. If you are in software development industry hopefully you will understand APIs and plugins. They are actually kind of interface between third party websites and the API providing company softwares/tools etc. What a developer does it he integrates this interface on a website so that users may use the software through his website.

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          Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for a company that pays me to do tech support.


          Check out the services offered by PrintUI.com. We offer connection to InDesign Server as a service, and integration into client websites (that part is over my head), at what is typically a much lower cost than owning a license for ID server and doing it yourself. A regular standalone license for InDesign like you use on the desktop cannot be used for website integration.