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    How can I stop InDesign 5.5 crashing without "mind:engine" extension


      InDesign 5.5 file will open a document created in CS ID 5.5, but with a warning "We strongly advise you not to open this file", but I did anyway because I cannot find the extension it is requesting "mind:engine" As soon as I try to do anything (like change a letter) it crashes. I have searched but cannot find this extension anywhere. I thought, okay, I will upgrade to the CS 6 version and see what happens. I tried to find somehere to upgrade and got suckered into purchasing ID CC, which I did not want and now they say I have purchased it until Dec 12 even though I canceleed a few miniutes later. There was a link to "get a refund' but now it is not to be found. All I want to do is to open and edit this document. (It's a book) Any help with this extension for ID CS 5.5 or on how/where to download CS 6?