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    Losing formatting when importing rtf file


      Hello and please help!


      Having just laid out 2 volumes of a 3 volume set via cutting & pasting and manually re-introducing formatting, I have been told in no uncertain terms (not by an expert, I add) that I can preserve everything by using rtf. I've tried this before & it failed. The original document is a Word file, which has been imported into Pages by my Mac. When I save it as an rtf and then place it, all formatting and font choices are removed, leaving me with dense text in Time Roman, when the rtf is in Ehrhardt.  Given that ongoing changes are being made to various editorial decisions, line spaces etc, the document has to be reformatted anyway, but if there is a way to import the volume 3 in such a way, I'd be really happy to know about it. Following the Adobe instructions has got me nowhere (could well be me though!). I've checked the import options and went for the preserve text.


      I'm using InDesign CC, working off a Mac.