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    Flashplayer for Android Devices


         Why doesn't Adobe make flashplayer available on Android devices?           

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          Mike M Level 6

          psitzm wrote:


             Why doesn't Adobe make flashplayer available on Android devices?           

          Because Android (not Adobe) dropped all support of the technology a year and a half ago. Adobe could see no purpose in continuing development of a plugin for an OS that's no longer compatible.

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            Hi Mike thanks for your help.I have a android Stylo phone and I need an adobe Flash player for my games movies and other entertainment that requires adobe Flash player. Do you have any advice. Thanks look forward to hearing from you.Contact me at [REMOVED] my name is victor


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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi sandyf34779031


              You're posting to a discussion topic that is 4 years old. Mike hasn't been active on the forums in several years.


              Please DO NOT download any app purporting to be Flash Player from any app store store. These are NOT official Flash Player apps as Flash Player is no longer supported on Android devices, and most likely will install some nasty virus/trojan on your device.


              The only options I'm aware of are browsers that render Flash on the cloud, such as https://www.puffinbrowser.com/ . This is not an endorsement of Puffin, just an example of a browser that plays Flash content, without installing Flash Player.