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    Subtle bugs in Mavericks

    donbarrum Level 2

      I have some subtle bugs in Mavericks that are really annoying. I was wondering if there´s any problems adressed and planned for a patch?


      the problems I´m experiencing are mostly responsiveness. Especially when I do a new command.




      -when using my Wacom Cintiq 22HD, the first stroke often takes a millisecond before reacting.


      -when using my wacom the polygon lassotool, often one lasso line dont appear before I do the next lasso clik on the screen.


      -when doing a keyboard command, like switcvhing from brush to eraser and back I often need to hit the keyboard button twice for it to react.


      -I get a spinning pinwheel as if photoshop is working on something but if I click anything it seems its only the mousepointer showing a wrong icon.


      ...and there´s the bug thats been in photoshop for ages, the brush mouse pointer disappear and you have to go down to the bottom menu of OSX and back up for it to appear again.


      Are anyone else experiencing these? I know some of these bugs could be Wacom Drivers as well, but it seems Wacom thinks their drivers are Maverick approved, so if theres any problems they blame photoshop.....Problem for the user is if Adobe and Wacom just throws the ball to the other court....So I was hoping Adobe are aware of any of these problems? These are very subtle "bugs", and you only notice it if you work very deep into photoshop, probably with a tablet were you expect instant feedback. But they still break my workflow.


      I use a mac with Mavericks. iMac late 2012, 32gb ram and top model gpu. And I have a wacom cintiq with photoshop.

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          I am having the exact same problems.


          So far, I have tried:

          Uninstalling my tablet driver , restarting, then reinstalling

          Uninstalling Adobe CC

          Hard Reboot

          Repair Preferences

          Remove WiFi Unit in tablet

          Replace pen tip

          uncheck the new dual screen option


          And still I am experiencing the same.  I also discovered that something is leaking memory.  If you open your activity monitor, watch how much memory and cpu gets used for selection tasks.


          Anyone figuring this out would be very much appreciated.  I have already wasted a full day on this.

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            donbarrum Level 2

            I´m glad to hear im not the only one.

            And, I too am experiening some memory leaks. when working with files that are rather large. ABout a gb over some time with many layers, my external secondary HDD start scrathching a LOT...it´s constantly working. The strange thing though is that my Photoshop is set to use my primary HDD as scratch. But its definately because of Photoshop, because once I quit the program the scratching disappear. I think perhaps the machine might think photoshop is using all the ram and therefor the OS start scrathing or some bug like that ?!?


            Anyway, I watched the activity monitor. Photoshop didnt seem to use more than about 3 gb (and photoshop was the program using most ram then) But still my Memory used was all of my ram. But I guess that doesnt matter? It didnt seem like my ram was stressed...but still the machine was scrathcning heavy. And thats despite the fact that I have 32 gb of ram. So something happens over time in Photoshop in Mavericks it seems. In Lion it seems like I could do and work on as large images I wanted in Photoshop, there were never any scratching or ram issues.


            Also those white menus bug happening in Photoshop seem to appear after photoshop is starting to run heavy on the system.

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              wstlone Level 1

              Hello, same problems here...


              I use a cheap Mac AppStore application named Memory clean.

              It helped me understanding why after hours of using Photoshop CC I have huge lag problems...


              I am not OS specialist but it seems that Mavericks RAM managing is inappropriate for CC apps.

              I tried to reduce the number of events saved in the history but it didn't change anything.


              My only solution is to quit all CC apps, regain RAM available and relaunch the software I need...


              Now imagine, with 16gb of RAM, Mac Pro 2009 2x2.26GHz Quad-core Xeon, I can't work smoothly anymore with this OS.

              I NEVER had this kind of problem.. (oh yes, maybe in 2001 when I started as a freelancer...)

              Having Indesign, Illustrator and Phoshop open at the same time is now the best way to make them crash and loose work. (it happened several times...)

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                donbarrum Level 2

                Yes, I agree, it´s kinda funny that Adobe says:


                "Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe® Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance, and user experience when installed on Intel -based systems running Mac OS X Mavericks"



                ...when everything else seem to prove something different. The CC package is the most buggy softwares I have experienced Mavericks. I use Photoshop and After effects a lot. Photoshop is FULL of bugs and After Effects is out of VRAM before I open the program if I have used a browser or anything else on the machine requiring a little VRAM. And, I have an iMac late 2012 with 32gb ram and a gpu with 2gb VRAM...Doesn´t make sense does it?

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                  ProMediaTours Level 1

                  I have been watching for days and even weeks for a credible solution with Mavericks os.  I've tried them all with no luck.  After trying every solution that's out there, the only solution offered to me was from Apple.  This may be more obvious for long time power users than Mac newbies. But it worked when all else failed.


                  I have Applecare. So I called them.  Apple instructed me to wipe the drive and go back to the original os which was Mountain Lion. They were as helpful as could be and instructed me on the steps to take.  My computer is back to being lightning fast, with a fully functioning Wacom tablet, Photoshop, and Lightroom..  This solution may only work for folks who bought their Mac with Mountain Lion as the original os.  Power users please chime in.


                  I backed up all of my files like images, docs, and anything else I could think of.  Unfortunately, I didn't do a system backup before upgrading to Mavericks.  So I lost my Mac settings like keyboard shortcuts, folder views and admin stuff. Not a huge deal.  A couple of hours of research and my Mac is actually better than before with some additional user-friendly tweaks.


                  Syncing my Adobe CC settings to the creative cloud did help my cause.  I forgot to save my lightroom settings, probably the biggest pain.  Any advice on how to restore them would be appreciated.  I had to redownload some of my plugins and extentions, which took some time. The whole process only set me back a day, but again the end result was a "back-to-normal" fast Mac computer.  


                  I'm not a computer guru, just a photographer.  From what I just experienced, something is truly not right with Mavericks OS.  If you have been on Mavericks for awhile, you may have forgotten how fast your computer used to be.   I am sure they will dig deep and fix this.  Until then, I'm a happy camper with my original Mac OS, Mountain Lion.  

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                    donbarrum Level 2

                    Thank you for your encouraging speech! that was the last drop that helped me decide to revert to Mountain Lion. So, now I´m back to good old Mountain LIon were things works too No more Polygonal Lasso bug, no more white menus, no more kestrokes not responding, and no more out of VRAM on startup in After Effects..... I recommend this to everyone else too having thse problems, you won´t regret it!



                    It´s sad that either Adobe, apple or Wacom aknowledge these problems, I might need to skip Mavericks entirely...It might be that a lot of these bugs will stay on for a very long long time, or indefinite (I doubt adobe is working on fixing the lasso tool f. example) I tried complaining directly to all of these companies, but it´s poinless it seems. But I can live with this solution though, my imac in general performs better in Mountain Lion it seems.

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                      wstlone Level 1

                      Sorry, but to express my frustration I'll use my mother tongue...


                      Je trouve incroyable qu'il faille réinstaller une version antérieure de l'OS pour utiliser sereinement la suite CC sur un mac.

                      Apple semble mettre la "mobilité" au centre de ses préoccupations et Mavericks est un exemple supplémentaire. Cette histoire de gestion de RAM en arrière-plan... honnetement...c'est conçu principalement pour les labtops et leur besoin d'énergie...


                      Sans connaitre ses mécanismes exacts, ni pouvoir établir des priorités ce systeme est ingérable pour les applications gourmande.

                      Dans le passé, Apple s'est souvent illustré avec des initiatives bénéfiques pour ses clients normaux et professionnels. Aujourd'hui, tout semble indiquer que la compagnie s'oriente vers des produits majoritairement Grand Public...


                      Adobe, de son coté, ne semble pas tres réactif pour améliorer ses produits pour rendre ses performances acceptables sur les nouveaux OS (particulièrement le "révolutionnaire" Mavericks...) ou donner de réelles solutions à ses clients pour améliorer leur expérience et leur permettre de TRAVAILLER dans de bonnes conditions...


                      Je vais laisser du temps à Adobe et Apple pour peut-être trouver des solutions, sans me faire trop d'illusions.. Avant de repasser à Mountain Lion, si rien n'est fait pour me permettre de travailler avec fluidité.. C'est decevant..

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                        donbarrum Level 2

                        Yes, it´s frustrating. and I agree, Mavericks seem to be optimized for Laptops and low memory computers. Somehow heavy applications, especially the Adobe apps, seem to make very bad use of the Mavericks features. I disagree with Adobe that they have optimized the tools to work with Mavericks, for me it only seem that they have made sure they don´t crash (ahem, thats except Dreamweaver, which I couldn´t even start up in Mavericks without a fix) So, all in all, a very poor effort from Adobe imo. It´s clearly that especially Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator (from what I´ve read) needs extensive work to make use of Mavericks new Ram features and actually use Mavericks to the fullest, so we as users actually would benefit from the upgrade.


                        I´ve reverted and made sure everything I´ve done of changes etc in Photoshop and After Effects the past weeks have been added back now that I´m on Mountain Lion. So when I see on these forums that an update actually fixes the issues I can easily just upgrade to Mavericks again. I seriously hop it will happen som time in the future, because I don´t want to get stuck on Mountain Lion. There´s all ready softwares, such as the iwork package, that doesn´t support further updates when sticking to Mountain Lion.


                        I hope the Lasso tool bug isn´t something that will stay forever the way the "disappearing mouse pointer" was all the way up to Mavericks. If so I can never upgrade, the polygonal lasso tool with a wacom is a too big of a bug for me to live with.


                        So, currently not a crisis situation, but it´s not a good long term solution.

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                          YES! I am having the same problems! It really sucks. It has become impossible to ink my artwork. I didn't think of reverting to Mountain Lion. I wasn'ty aware I could even do that. I hope Adobe works with Apple to fix this bug in Photoshop with the lasso tool. It sucks.

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                            donbarrum Level 2

                            Since Adobe hasn´t replied to any threads of the lasso tool lately and Wacom just directed me to an ooold thread in these forums for help (which wasn´t the same issue) I assume this won´t get fixed anytime soon. They clearly don´t think its a big problem. I can never go back to Mavericks unless the lasso tool works properly.