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    DVCPro HD render wrong after update to 12.1?

    JR2010 Level 1

      Here's my issue, rendering out of After Effects CC 12.1 as DVCpro HD 1080i60 is showing up as the wrong aspect ratio, it renders out as 1888 x1062. Before the update to After Effects CC 12.1 it was working/rendering completely fine as 1280 x1080.


      Take a DVCPRO HD 1080 comp, render it and it renders as 1888 x1062, not 1280 x1080 like it did before.  And the strange thing, if I re-import that rendered clip into AE, it will see it as 1280 x1080 (1.50), but if I open that clip up in Quicktime, it will see it only as 1888 x1062 ??  Again, before the update to 12.1 even quicktime would see it correctly as 1280 x1080.  Something in the header info in quicktime is now wrong and it won't read it correctly.  We have a piece of gear that i need to send files to as dvcpro hd 1280 x1080 and it won't even take them anymore because the quicktime header or something is wacky.  (yes the gear i'm sending to is weird, and strange we send it that format, don't ask, I know)


      I've tired rendering/exporting out of media encoder and premiere since the update and it's the same thing.  Even rendering from AE and forcing it to resize in the render queue won't work.... it still shows up as 1888 x1062.  Errr

      So I'm not sure where to start looking to fix the problem?  Is it happening because of the Adobe update to 12.1, is it a quicktime issue or is it my Calibrated software for DVCpro on windows..... I don't know?  I just know it was all working great before this latest update and now it's not.


      Any ideas or a direction to look into would be greatly appreicated.





      I'm using windows 7 profesional

      Adobe creative cloud

      And software called "Calibrated" DVCPro HD Decode software so we can use DVCPro clips on windows.

      HD Z820

      AJA Kona Card

      nvidia k5000

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          JR2010 Level 1

          Updating my own post, but I can rule out the Calibrated software, this is definitely an adobe issue.  Something in the render from Adobe is causing the MOV file wrapper to display wrong.  This must be a bug ?

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            JR2010 Level 1

            Replying to myself again, but I went back and double checked that I had transfered all folders/files from 12.0 to 12.1 and I did, so I'm sure what or why it's doing this when rendering out with DVCpro HD.  Certainly there must be a file I can tweak to fix this or a preference I can alter ?

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              JR2010 Level 1

              This still doesn't work correctly, anyone have any thought as to why ?




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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Have you tried updating to 12.2.0?

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Any particular reason that you are rendering back to DVCPro HD? That's a non square pixel format designed for cameras not delivery of product, it is not suitable for DI (digital intermediates) or delivery to anything standard. I would do all my work in a standard HD 1920 X 1080 comp and render my DI and Delivery product to that frame size. AE will automatically adjust your DVCPro HD footage.


                  The only reason that I can think of to render to DVCProHD is to copy your footage back to tape or to storage cards to playback on a camera or DVCProHD deck, but if you have a capture card that you are using to output to tape, and I see you do, then your system will work with standard HD files just fine.


                  As far as the QT wrapper being broken, if you must render back to DVCPro HD the try the Adobe Media Encoder. It does a better job compressing things than the Render Cue.


                  As a last thought, do what Szalam suggestes, update.

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                    JR2010 Level 1

                    Hey Rick,


                    Yes I know it's *** backwards rendering to that, but... the reason,  I work in broadcast and as painful as it is, and trust me it's painful, we have to send some graphics or News premix back down to the newsroom and they edit with grassvalley and it will only take DVCPro HD.  It's kinda out of my hands situation (if you know what I mean).  I just make it and send it and worry about things I can control..lol.


                    I thought it was fixed in this last update but it wasn't it.  And media encoder for whatever reason is spitting out the wrong header info for the quicktime as well.... I'm out of ideas on a fix.   Actually I'd rather render from media encoder anyway if that would work. Like i mentioned before, it was all working perfect until the 12.1 update, then something changed it how quicktime is reading those files and those files only.


                    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.