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    New for EchoSign: Deep Zoom

    JonPerera Adobe Employee

      I wanted to let you all know about some cool updates we’ve been making on EchoSign lately. One of the best is the new “Deep Zoom” capability.  This lets you read the fine print on contracts with incredible fidelity and visibility.   To geek-out a bit here, let me explain how this works.   When EchoSign was a startup, we used open source PDF rasterizers. These worked pretty well in terms of rendering and viewing PDF files. But it wasn’t the best in the industry. Now that EchoSign is part of Adobe, we were able to use the Native Rasterizers from the company that invented PDFs – Adobe. The result is massive performance gains (you should be noticing that EchoSign is like 15 – 20% faster these days) as well as Deep Zoom.


      More is coming.  Stay tuned for some exciting announcements at Dreamforce.