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    Importing Illustrator CS6 File into Photoshop - Are they linked?


      I am teaching out of the Photoshop CS6 Classroom in a Book book and Chapter 8 talks about working with vector shapes and smart objects.  On page 227, under the Importing a Smart Object section, the following statement is made: You can import vector objects from Adobe Illustrator as Smart Objects. If you edit the original object in Illustrator, the changes will be reflected in the placed Smart Object in your Photoshop image file. You’ll work with a Smart Object now by placing text created in Illustrator into the toy-store poster.


      Is this a true statement?  I have found the only way you can edit this Smart Object is if your right click the layer, choose Edit Contents, then work on a temporary file that must be saved in a temporary location.  This doesn't edit the original linked document.


      I'm finding no way to edit the original AI file which I would consider the "original object in Illustrator", then see the change in Photoshop.