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    Removing Plugins


      Hi, I'm on a Single-Quad Core Mac Pro running Lion.  I just upgraded to Premiere Pro CC 7.1.  I ran the update for my FilmImpact transition plugins that relased for the CC 7.1.  When I ran the update I was supposed to remove the original plugins in the Extension Manager by clicking "Remove" first and then installing the update.  However, Extension Manager is new to me and I didn't realize this so I just installed over the old plugins.  Extension Manager detected the old plugins and asked me if I wanted to overwrite them with the new one.  I said yes.  This worked, as the updates installed and are functional.  However, now I have the "ghost" of the old plugins too, side by side with the new ones.  I've tried removing them via Extension Manager, but clicking "Remove" or "Enable" only removes the new, updated transition effects, not the old ones.  I can't figure out how to get rid of the old ones.  Any ideas??



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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Do you mean yan can see two plugins in Premiere Pro CC 7.1?


          To reproduce your problem, I have to get both the old and new  versions of your plugin. But I can only find the Transition Pack 1 demo and Pack 2 Demo v3.0.1. Is the latter the new one you are using?


          Extension Manager has removed all the memories about the old one from itself. I think you have to figure out which fles of the old plugin are left in the machine and delete them manually.

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            Sashapasha1 Level 1

            Exactly, I see the old plugins (called FlimImpact.net I and FilmImpact.net II) and the new ones from version 3.0.1 (called FilmImpact.net TCP and TCP 2).  Both sets of plugins work but I only want the TCP versions in there.  Like you said, I think Extension Manager just has a cache memory somewhere that I need to purge. But I don't know where Extension Manager keeps it's plugin files.  The strange thing is that the plugins are still functional while all this is happening.

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              Carl Sun Level 4

              There should be only the new plugins in "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/EM Store/Premiere". The cache for old ones in Extension Manager CC should have been removed. But I think you can find the old ones in "/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Adobe Premiere Pro CC.app/Contents/Plug-ins/Common/FilmImpact" and "/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Plug-ins/Common/FilmImpact". You can remove them from these folders.

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                Sashapasha1 Level 1

                I couldn't find that second and third directory you listed.  Strange that.  But I eventually solved the problem by just uninstalling everything (Premiere and ExtensionManager) and then re-installing.  Fortunately, the new Cloud interface makes that easy.  Thanks for the help!

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                  Carl Sun Level 4

                  Sorry. I forgot to mention that "Adobe Premiere Pro CC.app" is a package. You have to right click it and select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu to go into "Contents" subfolder.

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                    Sashapasha1 Level 1

                    Ah, yes, I see now.  If I had know that and followed that path I would have most likely found those Plugins.  I see them now (the proper ones).  Thanks!  Good to know for future reference!