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    Help recreating this menu in Edge Animate


      Hello, I am having a hard time figuring out the Parallax feature in the Edge Commons library. I know this isnt a standard feature in Edge Animate, but I also feel that it may not be needed to recreate this using Edge Animate instead of Adobe muse. I have also looked into just using Dreamweaver, but I am unsure of which Parallax package out there is the best one to use in this particualr situation, their demos feature nothing like it.



      The Site Demo:





      Is there an easy way to have this menu cover up the header as you scroll and then stay pinned to the top of the browser in edge animate? Doing this in Muse was simple, but the non responsiveness of MUSE is killing me. I would much rather have this fancy menu along with a responsive framework. I am loving Edge Animate and feel it can achieve this, but may lack the knowledge if someone could point me in the right direction I would owe you tons.