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    Different file size between Photoshop, and finder/explorer?

    _Moon_ Level 1
      I posted this discussion last week  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5820325#5820325   and have now determined that some part (still don't understand how/why)  of my scanning/saving workflow- is creating a new layer "Layer 0" to replace the locked Background layer. This is causing the image to double, or triple in size. However, upon opening the image in Photoshop, the size of the image doesn't match the size viewed in finder, or Bridge....Does anyone know why? 


      23mb in Photoshop.

      44.81mb in Bridge.


      44.81mb in Finder

      EDIT: There is only one later in this image. No image edits, except for cropping. You can see in the last image, how using an identical workflow, some images are saving correctly (20ish mb) and some are double.