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    Artifacts showing up in render, video possibly too intense?

    Bong Mage

      Please forgive the questionable content, I'm making a hybrid between machinima and an "MLG parody". If you'll keep an open mind, you'll see I'm just suffering from creative boredom. If this is offensive or just too out of place, please let me know and I'll remove the post or change the screenshot.


      h264, 720p, 30fps - Eventually going on youtube.


      The setting is basically a "box" of gameplay videos with the scene inside. One wall is visible in the screenshot, there are 10 total 3d models within a fast moving 30second time frame littered with Trapcode Form, Element 3D animations, and greenscreens.


      My issue begins with a fast moving camera which pans around the character below as he animates in from a green orb. Obviously the bitrate is through the roof, artifacts appear and slowly go away after the camera stops (screenshot below). I can smooth the camera out and add motion blur, but things seem pixelated even when the camera is still.



      The artifacts slowly disappear, but another problem arises with a Trapcode Form blob below; The blob also has artifacts, probably the result of a massive bitrate from a combination of things - would the background videos be a serious cause of this?



      I probably opened pandora's box; I know I'm asking for trouble by making something so convoluted and offbeat, but any advice or criticism would be greatly appreciated.